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Recent polling indicates very strongly and very clearly that Governor Brownback has failed to manage the State of Kansas to the satisfaction of its citizens.  Starting with his effort to purge the legislature of moderate policy makers from his own party in 2012, the Governor and his staunch allies have unleashed an anti-public education agenda which has deeply impacted Kansas students.  Many district leaders in Kansas have reported that class sizes have increased, resources have dwindled, and some districts were forced to close their doors earlier than expected last year to account for mid-year cuts to budgets.  Teachers are being recruited by neighboring states with a promise of increased respect and fairness.  Finally, the Governor’s “Block Grant” school funding system was implemented to solve a problem created by declining state revenue created by his own administration’s policy.  Once again, Kansas students are waiting for a State Supreme Court ruling to determine if yet another year of maximum opportunity has been lost.

Regardless of what seems to be a constant effort to diminish public education in Kansas by many of Governor Brownback’s allies; teachers, parents and common sense, moderate policy makers from both parties continue to push for sensible solutions.  This episode will feature two strong advocates who each have a long track record in support public schools:  Senator Vicki Schmidt (R-Topeka) and Representative Ed Trimmer (D-Winfield).  Joining these legislators will be Duane Goossen, Senior Fellow from the Kansas Center for Economic Growth who will add valuable insight regarding the state of the Kansas economy and Mark Desetti, Director of Political Advocacy and Government Relations for Kansas NEA.



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